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MARCH 16TH 2004:


Que'pasa people .. If ya hadn't noticed we ain't done a show in a million years. But we have been busy little alcoholics cause we got about 4 to 5 new songs for the next shows. We have had our studio broken into,and a fuck wad named todd has been a flea on our nuts(like always). I did the sun and steel metalfest in florida,sitting
in as guest vocalist for METH SESSIONS and opening up for PRONG (tommy victor is the mutherfuk'n man),Ice-t and Body count,Testament,and MOD. Peace out To the cats in "Force Of Habit" thanks for toking up some of (atlanta's finest) with me. We are damn sure gonna get you guys in the cakilakies with us. As far as our next
show we're going back to our roots and playing @ Rendezvous,I love that place .. its like partying @ home. Fuckallthecockyfuucks that dis that place. Where else you gonna get beer for a dollar,potted meat
for 50 cent,and a tittie in a rattrap for free????(you jus gotta be there). We'll be @ the money in May. I'm gonna try to get FOH & Cynder 4 that show. When I get dates I'll let you know.