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Sunday, 29 May 2005

Thanks to all the SINNERS!!!
That showed up last night @ the Cellar.
Ilove doing a show @ home Its like a psychotic family reunion.Thanks to the bands Tri-fall,Withstand,and Rutkus.Thanks to mike for making us sound fucking awesome! I'll let you In on the latest NVAIN news after I shake this fucking hangover!

Posted by nvain at 8:54 PM EDT

Sunday, 1 May 2005

This site SUCKS!!
OHH yes its true!!
We will be in ALBEMARLE our neck of the woods. For those from Charlotte just take Albemarle rd. all the way to the very fucking end or you'll think your getting to the end then you take a left @ the fucking nasty ass Mcdonalds and go 1/2 a mile and the bowling alley's (strikezone) is on the left.Under stikezone is the CELLAR!! Be prepared to drink a shit load of beer!
5/28/05 starts @ 9pm, 6$ @ door, All ages
need better directions??? let me know

Posted by nvain at 3:01 PM EDT

Tuesday, 26 April 2005

Whats up GREEDY BASTARDS!!! yeah you! every time we do a show you guys never hesitate to come running up screaming at the top of your lungs " WHEN'S THE NEXT SHOWWWWWW!! " well goddamit the next show will be @ the.........CELLAR!
Yes finally a show in our hometown with only hometown bands on the bill....except our real good friends WITHSTAND we're shooting for RUKUS, and TRI-FALL. I'll be back soon with some more news.

Posted by nvain at 6:40 PM EDT

Monday, 4 April 2005

April 16th @ JBz w/ Civility Burns,Dead7,DualEvo!!!!

Posted by nvain at 2:53 PM EDT

Thursday, 31 March 2005

We will be @ JBz in charlotte NC( email me 4 directions) With The bad mafaakos... Civility Burns!!! and DEAD 7 and DualEvo!
It will be a fucking throw down!!!
also we have a bad fucking DVD comming in a few weeks and it's the shit unlike previous ones.

Posted by nvain at 9:49 PM EST

Sunday, 13 March 2005

well folks we have hit the big time!Yes there will be playing no little juke joints that make us pay full price for beer and kick us out of bathrooms for sex/drugs, for we have now played THE LINCOLN THEATRE!!! with fucking MagnetHead and SorrowValleyand SpadeI'm talking the best in Raleigh fuck that the best in the world!! my world anyways we love you guys.
Also big props to Geo,and Streebo from
MutantvilleProductions for filming the show they are the best. Go to their site
Major props to Sherree burns and the band Hybrid for helping to make a damn fine show Sat. @ the Money!
TrustKillPride ripped it up as always, Pigfish just fucking murdered everyone!!....MAGNET..GODD!!!!!
I'm sure that Hybrid will be around for a long time watch out carolina.
so untill next time ( APRIL 16th @ JBz in Charlotte ) we'll leave the light on.


Posted by nvain at 1:28 PM EST

Monday, 21 February 2005

Whats up you punkard sluts? We had the greatest show that NOBODY saw the other night @ the Money.Thanks to MagnetHead for driving 3 hrs to deal with that shit, making them even Xtra cool.MethSessions were fuking unbelievable but there was nobody to see it cause the whole crowd had to leave for smoking pot out side??????SEX...DRUGS..ROCKnROLL.. I mean thats why I sold my soul to rock n roll.OOh well Trust Kill Pride kicked ass as always they just need to find better hiding places;)
We will be @ the Lincoln Theater in Raleigh NC, MARCH 11th w/ MagnetHead,SorrowValley, and Spade.
March 12th @ the MONEY w/ T.K.Pride,PigFish,MagnetHead,Hybrid
Let me know if you want me to hold you some T-shirts cause they about gone!

Posted by nvain at 6:27 PM EST

Sunday, 13 February 2005

SAT Feb 19th @ the Money w/METHSESSIONS,TRUSTKILLPRIDE,3SECBinge,MagnetHead. FRI March 11th @ the Lincoln Theatre w/ MagnetHead. Sat Mar 12th @ the Money w/ Hybrid,MagnetHead,Pigfish,TRUSTkp.
What's up mafakos!!!It's been a while since I got up w/ yous.I forgot my password and I had to get mad high to remember it!
We have SHIRTS and HOODIES but act fast cause we have only 60 left and 3 shows in 30 days and they go fast.
We gonna be on tv Feb 19 1:30 am on Charlotte's WB 55

Posted by nvain at 9:57 AM EST
Updated: Tuesday, 15 February 2005 6:15 AM EST

Sunday, 23 January 2005

Man this weekend was a ROLLERCOASTER! 1st off we drive 5hrs to Jacksonville to jam @ the ARENA w/ "The baddest fucking band In the world" MAGNETHEAD.They were outstanding they have more dynamic as a 3 piece. Then we came to find out that the other band( Dual Evo ) that was supposed to be on the bill was beatdown by some of the "patrons" upon arriving.By the end of the night one of ours was about to get a similar beatdown, it was handled and we had drinks with the "patrons" and everything was on the up & up. THANKS MAGNETHEAD!
OK day 2 we have a show @ the MILESTONE w/ The SKUDS,MURDERCYCLE,PIGFISH. That place has the best crowd and an awesome staff but while we were playing some faggot ass glass dick sucking fucks stole ERok'S BASS,Jacket and My backpack that had my clothes,cds, and possibly 150$ in cash. Ohwell thats fucking ROCK N ROLL and in my mind its worth a little sacrifice!!
We will be @ the Money FEB.5th w/ Trust/Kill Pride,NIRO,MoRRoWS END,and STRANGE BREED>

Posted by nvain at 4:12 PM EST

Sunday, 16 January 2005

Holy Fucking Chaos!!
Last night was Fucking INSANE!! @ Tremont I'm talking PIT MADDNESS!! I seen a dude get a knot on his head that looked worse than any of Mike Tyson's opponents (in his early years).A stupid bitch started throwing punches in the pit and JY Nasty 'bout fought a bouncer! Big thanks to the 5L's,HEADSNAP,and PMK Ti's was a hell of a show!!! and yes THIS SITE SUCKS ASS!!!!
NVAIN,TRUSTKILL PRIDE,METH SESSIONS will be on Charlotte's WB ch.55 @ 1:30 am FEB 19th!
NVAIN will be @
The ARENA in jacksonville NC JAN 21st w/ MAGNETHEAD
The Milestone in Charlotte NC JAN 22nd w/ MURDERCYCLE
The Money in Rock hill SC FEB 5th w/ NIRO,TrustKillPride

Posted by nvain at 3:45 PM EST

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